In my quest to help people during the Covid-19 crisis, I interacted with several families of persons affected by the virus. During my various conversations with patients and members of their families, I was asked hundreds of questions and I

sought to answer each one to the best of my ability. One common issue that often came up in my conversations concerned the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine in treating Covid.

While we are all aware that there is no vaccine so far that has been proven to act as an effective  shield against corona, yet there is also enough evidence to show that one can boost one’s immunity through homeopathy. Indeed, boosting of immunity is of paramount importance in dealing with the Corona infection.

So should we all be trying out homeopathy? My answer to that is – if you’re open to homeopathy, go ahead and try it. The greatest assurance for persons who wish to try it out is that the side effects of homeopathy are minimal or none, and it is not expensive at all.  Therefore, I see no reason at all not to try it for fighting Corona. In fact, there is no harm at all in trying out our traditional, harmless home remedies of ginger honey kava, mulethi, and triphala tea for immunity besides gargling with warm water multiple times a day.

Ars albb 30  or Arcenicum Album-30 is a compound known to treat a range of symptoms such as insomnia, digestive disorders, allergies, anxiety and even depression. Vials of this are flying off the shelves of homoeopaths ever since the AYUSH Ministry declared it a ‘preventive’ against the Coronavirus disease. The dosage is simple and the benefits are many. Camphora 1000 is another one that homeopaths recommend as a way to increase immunity.

Key benefits of these alternate treatments include

  • help in the treatment of cold and hels relieves congestion in the nose
  • help in reducing dizziness, soreness and throbbing pain in the head
  • an effective remedy for respiratory disorders and relieves congestion in the chest
  • good for breathing difficulties and dry, violent cough
  • helpful in relieving pains associated with rheumatism and arthritis
  • contain antispasmodic properties and treats muscle spasms and violent convulsions
  • useful in treating muscle cramps and provides relief from fever

Remember, all medication should be taken only after checking with your doctor. If you’re looking for a place to buy homeopathic medicine, you can order online or call  01244235223 (Bhandari Homeopath, galleria market Gurgaon.)

Finally, remember we are here for you… happy to help with anything you need.

So stay safe, and stay strong….this too shall pass.