Numerous surveys and researches show that people get happier as they age. But aging isn’t particularly a pleasure cruise. With time, people experience many kinds of loss—some friends may pass, family members may move, jobs may end, you may be struggling with a chronic illness.

Fortunately, there are ways you can find true meaning in your life. Research reveals that spending your later years with a sense of purpose can benefit both mental and physical health. Here’s how you can find meaning in old age.

1. Compassion for People

According to a study, showing concern and compassion for others can add more meaning to life. Making small connections with strangers by wishing them well, being in the presence of positive people, and complimenting people can help project happiness in your life.

Lending an ear to someone, keeping your mind open, reaching out to someone lonely, or even sending someone a greeting card as a gesture of care and compassion can cheer you up.

2. Small Pleasures and Joys

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have some significant “purpose project” to plan and implement in life. Appreciating the small pleasures of life is a habit that can give meaning to your life. It can be as simple as nurturing a plant, smiling at the bird you see outside the window, donating, exchanging hugs, or enjoying a warm cup of soup.

3. Staying Healthy and Strong

Carrying out daily activities with ease is an accomplishment because it means that you aren’t dependent on anyone else. A healthy life is a purposeful life, so don’t forget to go for a walk, get a gym membership, eat healthily, and feel those endorphins kicking in!

4. Creative projects

Play, humor, and creative projects can instill a sense of purpose. Sports, hobbies, and experiences like travel, art, music, reading, nature, and culture can expand our ability to feel empathy towards others. These activities can also help reduce anxiety.

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