How to find the right Home Care Services for seniors

A significantly high percentage of the Indian elderly are living alone, with their kids either settled abroad or in other cities. Living far away from an elderly parent can create challenges when it comes to caregiving. Maintaining physical and emotional well-being in old age is an uphill task for all. Covid-19 has further exacerbated the challenges with preventive measures of social distancing and isolation. If you are looking for elder care services in Delhi NCR for an aging loved one, we understand what you are facing. And, we’re here to help you.

We understand that caregivers are an extended family

Home Care Services for Seniors

You want to make sure you choose a caregiver who can provide the finest possible care. Whether recuperating from surgery, living with a chronic condition that requires ongoing care, or need help with day-to-day activities, elder care services at home can fill in for you. With so many elder care services in Delhi to choose from, finding the right mix of care and comfort for aging loved ones seem like a daunting task. Most of the elderly parents, despite various difficulties in staying alone in their house, are averse to the idea of retirement homes. They feel uprooted and emotionally disturbed with the idea of shifting to a retirement home despite the best of options. As the concept is rather new, they have a different mindset. A compassionate and dependable eldercare at home service is a great alternative to retirement or nursing homes. Your parents can remain in the comfort of their own homes with home care. It provides you the peace of mind knowing they aren’t alone, while it allows them to feel independent and cared for at home.

As caregivers, we recognize that we must play a significant role in caring and well being of the elderly. This involves assuming the role which is sometimes equal to that of a family member. The first step is to find the right elderly care services at home before you embark on a long-distance caregiving journey. Here are a few suggestions that should be a starting point towards finding balance in your life and that of your parents.

1. Identify the elderly’s homecare needs: To ensure that your parents thrive at home, understanding their key challenges needs is of paramount importance. For many a times, parents are in denial…so kids have to play an important role to evaluate their situation. Every elder differs in their needs and there is a range of eldercare organizations that provide varied support& varying USPs. You need to choose the ones with utmost compassion & accountable approach. While assessing your parents need, ask yourself;

  • Do they need help with day-to-day activities?
  • Do they need someone to take them to hospitals, banks?
  • Are they struggling with everyday chores with services gone automated?
  • What technology support needs to be ironed out for them?
  • Is old-age and Covid-19 affecting them emotionally?
  • Have they gone unduly quieter and sad?
  • Do they need emotional & social support?
  • Are they in denial that their body is not as strong as their mind?
  • Can they be on their own or is it time to have someone watch over them?
  • What are their biggest challenge & what is the solution for same?

It’s of paramount importance that you evaluate and address these minute details before leaving them alone. A good elder care at home services can help you with most if not all, like

  • Help with day-to-day house running challenges
  • Safety and security
  • Medical supervision
  • Periodic visit to Banks and Hospitals.
  • Trained attendants that can help them with their every need & watch over them.
  • Palliative care
  • Paperwork
  • Physiotherapy
  • Emotional support
  • Counselling
  • Social Engagement

2. Identify the most suited elder home care service company: Your approach should always be a patient-centered and family-centered elder care provider. Consult with friends, family, or acquaintances who have been through similar experiences. Make sure you read all the reviews available on the internet. Find out who had a positive experience with certain elderly care services at home organizations and follow up on that information. Before you begin working with a caregiver, make sure to inquire about their background checks and look over the documents they utilize.

3. Home Attendant for the Elderly: When parents go weak, even if they are mobile, its not a good idea to leave them without anyone watching over them. For many a time they feel stronger than what their physical condition happens to be. Choosing a compassionate, caring & trained attendant can make a world of difference. Its often seen, parents who are resistant to having a full-time attendant get hugely comforted & secured when a good attendant assists them earnestly.

4. Make the Decision: Don’t be indecisive when the time finally comes to choose a caretaker–because it appears to be too difficult. There are several organizations providing elder care services in Delhi, with different forte. You need to choose the one which meets the need & temperament of your parents. Delay in getting them get the required help tends to cost dearly many a time.

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At senOcare, eldercare is more about than helping the elderly with the activities of daily living—it’s about making a positive difference in their lives. Good home care can be the key to achieving the highest quality of life in their golden years—enabling safety, security, and increased independence. Our 24×7 personalized elder care services give seniors, and their families the freedom to choose the type of care they want on a schedule most convenient to them. Whether help is needed a few hours a day or round-the-clock, you can count on our elder care services in Delhi NCR to be there when you need us most.

senOcare provides complete elder care services at home across multiple cities, including Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. You can choose from many care packages planned to support senior citizens. We also offer you an opportunity to customize a care package that caters to your specific requirements.

At senOcare, we also arrange tele-consults so you can ask questions from your doctor and make informed decisions. Our expansive range of services include health and fitness, security and home maintenance, technology assistance, forms and filing, and more.

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