According to statistics, one out of five falls that senior citizens experience cause serious injuries to them, including broken bones and head injuries. Additionally, over 95% of hip fractures in elder people are caused by falls.

There are several reasons why elderly individuals are prone to falls, including loss of sight, balance, and an overall deterioration in health, causing them to lose their strength.

If you’re worried about your elderly parents’ health and safety, consider implementing home safety measures to make it easier for them to move around the house without getting injured.

Here are some safety measures you should consider:

Grab Bars in the Shower

Install grab bars in your parents’ shower and bathtub to prevent them from slipping. You can find all kinds of grab bars in stores. They’re available in a variety of styles and materials, so you can choose a type that’s most suitable for your loved ones.

You can also place a rubber mat in your parents’ bathtub to make it less slippery.

Tape Down the Rugs

Anyone can trip over a rug or a carpet, but whilst a young person would get away with a few minor bruises, your aging parents could end up fracturing their bones.

If they have rugs or carpets around their home, either replace them with non-slip rugs or attach them to the ground using double-sided tape.

Secure the Stairs

Climbing stairs becomes more challenging for seniors who struggle with osteoporosis and arthritis. You can help ease their struggle by securing the stairs through installation of handrails for support.

You can even install stair chairs for elderly individuals who can’t walk up and down themselves.

Light It Up

Place lamps and nightlights around your parents’ home to keep it well-lit after dark. Elderly people get up frequently to get water, medicine, and bathroom visits.

Make sure your parents have enough light around their house so they can see where they’re going.

Security Gadgets and Video Doorbells

It’s not uncommon for criminals to break-in to homes with elderly people. Protect your parents by installing safety measures like video doorbells and other security gadgets.

At senOcare, our team can install security gadgets, video doorbells, and CCTV installation in your parents’ house to keep them safe. In addition to security services, we also offer reliable plumber, electrician, and carpenter services, so that your parents don’t have to risk getting injured whilst fixing things around the house.

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