According the World Health Organization, the fall rate in Indian elderly population is around 15%. Though slip and fall accidents are fairly common amongst the elderly,the hard part is that seniors often end up suffering from severe repercussions such as fractures, head injuries, pelvic disorientation, and joint issues.

It’s extremely crucial to implement fall prevention strategies to keep your aging parent, grandparent, or loved one safe. Falling not only increases the risk of physical health issues, they also affect the psychological state of elderly people.

The key to preventing falls in seniors is to understand the common causes that lead to painful incidents:

  • Compromised balance and gaitthat leads to muscle inactivity, flexibility issues, and coordination problems
  • Age-related eyesight issuesthat prevent seniors from contrasting edges and obstacles
  • Prescription medicines that result in side-effectssuch as dizziness, light-headedness, and dehydration
  • Chronic health problems like stroke, cardiac ailment, and arthritis increase the risk of falls in the elderly

Steps to Reducing Falls in the Elderly

Here are some effective ways to prevent the fall risks in the elderly:

Secure Walkways and Stairs

Start by securing and fall-proofing the home. Determine all the

situations that pose tripping hazard and make efforts to eliminate them.

  • Make stops or breaks using bright-colored markers
  • Reinforce handles on staircases, sidewalks, and washrooms
  • Install additional lights to clarify the vision for elderly
  • Provide battery-operated and accessible light gear for nighttime
  • Remove carpets and rugs that can lead to tripping
  • De-clutter your senior loved one’s room to make more space for them to move around easily
  • Don’tlet your senior family member leave home by themselves
  • Get their vision checked at regular intervals

Employ a Senior Caregiver Service for 24-Hour Supervision

Older adults with a history of chronic pain, illnesses, foot factures, and mobility issues are more prone to slips and falls. To help them steer away from tripping hazards, employ a 24-hour senior care service like senOcare. Our professional, well-trained caregivers ensure proper physical activity and daily behavior that reduce tripping risks. They offer comprehensive care packages that include daily exercises, diet planning, and physical assistance for routine tasks.

Provide Safe Footwear

Footwear plays a vital role in keeping seniors safe from slipping or tripping. Don’t let your senior loved one wear open slippers or skid-prone sandals. Invest in quality sock footed and arch-supporting footwear to ensure maximum slip prevention. 

If they suffer from joint pain, mobility issues, or bone dislocation in the feet, consult a podiatrist to get your elderly parent fitted for appropriate, comfy footwear.

Hire the Best Elder Care Management Services

senOcare provides complete elder care services at home across multiple cities, including Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. You can choose from many care packages planned to support senior citizens. We also offer you an opportunity to customize a care package that caters to your specific requirements.

At senOcare, we also arrange tele-consults so you can ask questions from your doctor and make informed decisions. Our expansive range of services include health and fitness, home security and maintenance for elderly, technology assistance, forms and filing, and more.

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