Highlight so far we relied & managed with close family, friends &neighbour support…but covid has changed things for all time to come..how it is THE way for the elderly & their kids…

Covid-19 is altering the everyday routines of the elderly, as well as the care and assistance they get.

Ever since the pandemic broke out, our normal life has turned upside down. We seem to have embraced the new normal — from social distancing norms to mask mandates to vaccination and stay- at-home orders. The Covid-19 virus is non-discriminatory in nature and can affect one and all. But its effects on the elderly population are more far-reaching. Due to the physiological changes associated with ageing and potential co-morbidities, the elderly are at a higher risk of the virus. Besides, being a vulnerable population, they are challenged by other factors- restrictions to spend more time at home, loss of physical contact with other family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues. The norms of physical distancing and social isolation may take a heavy toll on their mental health and physical well- being. All these challenges get further amplified if the elderly are staying alone. Given this situation, elder care services in Delhi are filling in for family in the pandemic.

The increasing challenges for elderly care

Many of you face daunting challenges in caring for your elderly parents – whilst managing your personal and professional life. This becomes even more challenging if your parents are staying miles away from you during this hour of crisis. Their loneliness is further accentuated by the constant fear and anxiety of illness and death – their own and their dear ones. Distance makes it more difficult to assess an aged parent’s requirements. The pandemic has only served to emphasize the need for a robust and responsive elder care system in India. While responding to the pandemic-related challenges, you should be mindful of their basic day-to-day care. This makes it imperative for a home attendant for elderly to create opportunities that foster healthy aging.

The role of friends, relatives, and neighbors can be significant in supporting older people in their own homes. Friends and neighbors have often come to the rescue in providing intensive and frequent help. And some even play a key role in coordinating other important services during an emergency. The importance of a strong and supportive network of neighbors and friends is also highlighted in various studies. But Covid-19 has altered everything. The social isolation guidelines imposed by the pandemic have rendered many of the concerned in the society helpless. In the light of these unforeseen circumstances, the demand for professional senior citizen care services in Delhi has risen exponentially in the current times.

Greater demand for a home attendant for elderly in Gurgaon than ever

The elderly generally require assistance that ranges from geriatric to palliative care and routine check-ups. However, many of the COVID-19 survivors need critical post- hospitalization care at home. Hiring a domestic helper might not be a viable solution. You need someone who understands what you are going through and deals with your loved ones with empathy and compassion. You want the best for your loved ones. At the same time, you want to ensure that the person who can be called in to help will have a similar kind of human touch. Besides, there is an acute shortage of professional home nurses or bedside assistants. But it is also a time when many caregiving organizations have risen to the challenge. Caregivers have the appropriate training, know-how, and expertise. They can take care of an elder’s physical and emotional well- being while following the hygiene guidelines.

Going the Extra Mile in elder care at home in Delhi

While health care is a critical need for seniors, they also have other requirements that often go unnoticed. Consider their day-to- day struggles, from battling a pandemic alongside health issues, essential doctor’s visits, paperwork bank transactions, form-filling, household repair, and most of all, staying alone. All these activities can be daunting and overwhelming for them. With the threat of the pandemic still looming large, the fear takes on a whole new level. That’s where the role of a compassionate caregiver assumes greater significance. This is not restricted to providing nurses or caregivers for meeting medical emergencies. During these stress- ridden difficult times, caregivers have become an extended family. They are on the front lines providing safe and compassionate personal care to the elderly. From healthcare needs to assisting them with basic requirements like payment of bills, deliveries, or even repair. Organizations providing elder care at home in Delhi have gone out of the way to help senior citizens who are living miles away from their children.

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