As the COVID-19 pandemic   sweeps across India, staying home and protecting yourself and your loved ones has become a pressing need. Amidst all the chaos, keeping your elderly parents safe is undeniably the most challenging task. However, after months of isolation and quarantining, there’s light at the end of the dark tunnel.

The Government of India is slowly easing lockdown restrictions and lifting travel bans in the country. If you’re planning a trip with your senior fellows, there’s a lot to take care of.

We’ve compiled a handy guide for you to ensure safe travel with your elderly loved ones.

Stay Informed

Although vaccines are being rolled out on a war footing and the intensity of COVID-19 cases has decreased significantly, the situation is still an emerging one. The Indian government and the World Health Organization are continuously publishing newer, more appropriate information on traveling with higher-risk seniors.

It is therefore important to stay informed on the latest updates and travel policies. You must also read the requirements and restrictions of the location you’re traveling to, as well as the airline you’re traveling on.

Know the Risks

According to the World Health Organization, old age increases the risk of catching the virus. Hence, you must consider the elderly person’s age, health condition, and wellbeing before traveling with them.

People within the age bracket of 50 to 70 are at a high risk of contracting COVID-19, whereas people above 80 are at the greatest risk of contraction.

Moreover, an underlying or pre-existing medical condition significantly escalates the likelihood of COVID-19 contraction due to weak immunity and the symptoms for such people with comorbidities may be a lot more severe than for others.

How to Ensure Medical Safety of Your Elderly?

Whilst it’s not recommended to travel with an old person suffering from medical issues amidst the pandemic, however if you must, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Get them pre-checked by a physician before you undertake the journey
  • Don’t change their medical prescription to avoid any potential side-effects
  • Have at least 30 days medicine supply in-hand
  • Employ senior care travel and tour assistance from senOcare for maximum safety of your elderly parent.

Take Steps to Protect the Elderly

If your travel trip with an elderly involves social and public activities, here’s how to ensure protection:

  • Avoid visiting high-risk areas with elderly as it increases their chances of catching the virus
  • Practice proper hygiene and ensure masks are worn at all times
  • Try visiting public places early morning or late evening to minimize public exposure
  • Ensure that you and your senior mate are well aware of risks associated with public dealings and visiting high-traffic places

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