The elderly in India constitute the fastest-growing population segment. As India ages, the demand for quality home healthcare services gets more diverse. The emergence of start-ups striving to create a nurturing ecosystem for the elderly is a boon in recent times. Different organizations with a diverse range of elder care home services are making consistent efforts to reshape the lives of the elderly. The focus, however, has remained largely on their ‘physical health.’ To support healthy aging, caregiving needs to evolve from ‘nursing home care' to a more human and holistic care for best ‘senior home care’.

For the elderly, ‘Home is where health is.’ Home care can be the key to achieving the highest quality of life possible. Home healthcare instills a sense of safety, security, and increased independence among them. It generally includes the following:

  • Short-term or long-term home healthcare or nursing care at home for an illness, chronic disease, or disability—including ICU care
  • Personal care for daily hygiene activities such as dressing, bathing, grooming, and toilet functions
  • Therapy and rehabilitative services for dementia, depression, and other psychological disorders 

Home healthcare…What lies beyond?

While there are different caregiving organizations, not all offer all the different types of home healthcare services. While few offer all, most of the services are medical-related care provided by nurses, paramedical staff, and therapists. Old age is a sensitive phase and various issues govern the downfall of the health of the elderly. Fear of death, loss of control over health, frailty, loneliness, lack of purpose in life, etc. are often attributed to aging. Due to caregivers' fixation with medical care, such issues go unnoticed by many. Filling this chasm, senOcare undertook a differentiated approach to elderly care in India so that they can lead positive, fulfilling, and independent lives. It’s about providing a holistic solution in elder care home services by combining compassion and care with accountability. The philosophy of care extends beyond the traditional health-oriented approach to include a more human-centric approach that fosters the physical, cognitive, and social well-being of the elderly.

Son and doctor taking care of Mother

A holistic and human-centric solution!

senOcare's care model goes beyond home healthcare to include anything and everything that makes the elderly’s life easier. Addressing every need of the elderly, be it medical, non-medical, home repairs, paying bills, technology, and travel assistance...senOcare strives to help them lead their lives with less stress but rather live their lives with joy and comfort. Care is personalized to suit every elderly’s individual needs to help them live independently. To assess the elderly’s needs and provide real-time solutions, the senior management forbids the use of automated chatbots and instead attends all inquiry calls. Even as senOcare aims at bringing automation in processes and systems to drive more efficiency in the future, it will continue with the in-person service support to the elderly. For senOcare, it’s just like caring for your elderly loved one as you would.

If you are in the process of care planning or researching different elderly care service at home options for your loved one, we might have an answer for all. Call us today at +91 8800 003 046 or email us at [email protected] to find out more about what differentiates our 24x7 personalized home healthcare from the rest. We'd be more than willing to assist you.