Covid-19…a wake-up call!

The pandemic has been a rude reminder to all of us that it takes a moment for our world to turn upside down. Across the world, the pandemic vindicated how preventive healthcare and pre-emptive planning can play a critical role in managing a crisis. Caring for the elderly sometimes requires going beyond the call of duty — one of the lessons learned from Covid-19. It’s a wake-up call to innovate new solutions for elderly care services to help them achieve healthy and dignified ageing.

Preventive and proactive healthcare would need preparation at all levels. This means increased and sustained government funding for public health affairs, training and development of health professionals, biotech experts and scientists in health ministries, and so on. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. At the ground level, following Covid-19 appropriate behaviour and self- care could complement the work of the policymakers. Not only does self-care have positive outcomes for you, but it also won’t burden the healthcare system. If there is one big learning each of us should have, it is that….health cannot be taken for granted. We also cannot always expect medicines or a healthcare system to ease all our pain – physical and emotional. In times to come our immunity and our mental resilience will make the difference. There are many things that we can do and should do at the right time. As said, “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” The pandemic has forced us to re-think our current approach, and that’s very positive.

Increased vaccination coverage and awareness have been able to keep serious threats of new Covid- 19 variants at bay. But technological solutions to maintaining an up-to-date vaccination record, periodic check-ups, and monitoring are still a far-fetched dream. This is more critical for the elderly who often have many years’ worth of health records. Keeping a vaccination record and storing it with other documents will save time and unnecessary hassle — another learning from the pandemic.

A new solution to an old problem to improve health and life

Driven by the need to make life easier, the senOcare e-medical passport is an innovation in the right direction. It ensures people take periodic health check-up, vaccinations and record their data in one place. It has a great potential to enhance preventative care by making medical status easily accessible and health analysis more efficient. It also simplifies travel requirements and emergencies. All you need to do is – scan a simple QR code and it will give access to your entire medical history, including test reports, medication, allergy, blood group, insurance, and NOK details. senOcare’s constant endeavor is to find simplified solutions that improve elderly care services and life in general.

Foster happy and healthy ageing with 24×7 personalized elder care services

At senOcare, we provide 24×7 personalized elder care services by combining compassion and care with accountability. Our holistic solutions help the elderly cope with the challenges in every walk of life… challenges that have also worsened overnight due to Covid-19.It’s not about helping them but promoting healthy and happy ageing.

senOcare provides complete elder care services at home across multiple cities, including Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. You can choose from many care packages planned to support senior citizens. We also offer you an opportunity to customize a care package that caters to your specific requirements. At senOcare, we also arrange tele-consults so you can ask questions from your doctor and make informed decisions. Our expansive range of services include health and fitness, security and home maintenance, technology assistance, forms and filing, and more. Call us today on +91 8800 003 046 or email us at [email protected] for more details