Wives of elderly men will tell you all about how their husbands have changed with time. The stereotype of old men always being grumpy implies that men become irritable as they age, and soon, their irritable and cranky behavior becomes the norm.

According to research, men are most prone to becoming grumpy and irritable around the age of 70. By the time they hit 70, many men struggle with various health problems that deteriorate the quality of their life. The lack of aspirations makes them susceptible to anxiety and depression, impacting their mental and physical health.

But there’s a reason why older men may become short-tempered and irritable—they could have Grumpy Old Man Syndrome.

What is Grumpy Old Man Syndrome?

Women become cranky when they’re going through menopause, which causes a sudden drop in estrogen levels. Men also experience reduced testosterone levels as they age, but the decline happens over several years, so their behavioural changes are subtle.

Grumpy Old Man Syndrome, better known as Irritable Male Syndrome in medical circles, is the result of hormonal changes that men experience as they get older.

If you’ve seen your husband or father become more difficult with time, know that they aren’t doing it on purpose; they’re simply undergoing something completely natural that is not in their control.

Symptoms of Grumpy Old Man Syndrome

Other than being in a constant state of irritation or anger, the Grumpy Old Man Syndrome has many other symptoms, including anxiety, nervousness, emotional burnout, joint pain, sweating, fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, decreased libido, muscle tenderness, and physical exhaustion.

Aside from their age, a man’s testosterone levels could also drop due to abdominal fat collected in the body, that produces estrogen and neutralizes testosterone in the body.

Poor diet, exposure to toxins, and high levels of stress also decrease testosterone.

What Can You Do to Help?

A decrease in testosterone can lead to health issues. Men need testosterone for bone strength and muscle mass. A drop in testosterone makes them more prone to fractures and can also lead to reduced energy levels and memory loss.

If you’re worried about your aging father, consider hiring elder care management services to help him out.

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