In recent surveys done on different platforms, people across all age groups endorsed that majority of the elderly & even the middle age people in India do not consider their later years to be Golden Years of life. So why is the period post 65 years termed as Golden Years?

The increased longevity and proliferation of nuclear families have made elders increasingly lead their later years away from their loved ones, their kids. While many of them are welcoming newer concepts of lifestyle and care in the form of retirement homes, assisted living, and elder care services at home, most of them are still on a denial that they need help in daily chores or accept paid support. The situation is quite similar in Western countries, despite the cultural and economic differences. We still have started hearing about elder care services in Delhi, elders home nursing care Noida & home attendant care services but these are few & rare. Lets not confuse them with home maid services which most of families do avail. Various research and studies in the West have found that the key to unlocking the golden years are health, money, and meaningful life. Rather than sliding into a sedentary lifestyle, the elderly today is keeping them active. Indian elderly in contrast is unable to relate to their later years as Golden Years. For them it’s the period to worry about their depleting health, save for children & grandchildren for whom they have worked hard to give best of education. Spending for their own comfort & unfulfilled dreams is a unnatural thought for most. They engage themselves in prayers, meditation, social activities as for years together they are told that it is the best way to get salvation. While in Most western world, elders engage in social activities, hobbies, or even learning a new skill that give them a new purpose. So much so that the term ‘senagers’ has come into existence to describe an elderly’s way of living a more fulfilling life.

In India, life post retirement means, sacrificing, saving for children & denying small comforts, we need to change that for our elders. We must understand that while it’s our duty to give the best of upbringing & schooling to our kids. But to keep sacrificing for them when they can fend for themselves & be on denial that you too need to live your life is wrong. Nothing will give your kids more joy than to see you live your dreams post retirement. And studies have proven a dream to look forward keeps a person healthier & even if not, his way of handling life challenges is inspiring. The zeal to LIVE makes all the difference how we face our problems pre & post Golden years. I hope elder care home in Delhi & all the cities of India become so efficient that it helps Golden Years a reality.

Living golden years in comfort and joy with 24×7 personalized elder care services

At senOcare, we aim to help our elders with their day-to-day challenges with the aim to make them connect to the concept of Golden Years & look forward and look forward to it. Our personalized elder care services at home are centred around your loved one’s needs so they enjoy their later years feeling secured & cared. Our endeavour is to make them take their health & other challenges in stride and not let them come on their way to live their life to their fullest. For us at senOcare their physical & emotional wellbeing are key to help them live their Golden Years to their very best and we are ever eager to do all it takes to help them achieve that.

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