+Aging is natural, and so is the decline in physiological and psychological resilience. There is no escape from frailty and senile decay. Physiotherapy and yoga for senior citizens can help reduce the impact that aging has on bodies and minds. In this blog, we learn about how staying active can make life better for the elderly.

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What are Yoga and Physiotherapy?

Yoga is a spiritual discipline of total mind-body workout. It encompasses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to build on health and well-being. Physiotherapy is the medical treatment to help restore mobility, manage pain and improve overall function. Massages, heat therapy and exercises restore movement to one affected by an injury, disability, or health condition. Both physiotherapy and yoga for senior citizens have wide-ranging benefits.

Benefits of yoga for senior citizens

 Treatment of pain: A regular safe exercise routine can manage acute and chronic pain experienced throughout the body—muscle pain, joint pain, nerve pain, or condition such as arthritis. Movement-based exercises and manual therapies like acupuncture and soft tissue massage improve blood circulation and reduce muscle stiffness. A carefully adapted technique of yoga for elderly alleviates the stiffness and throbbing pain associated with joint aging or arthritis.

Internal protection and strength:

Exercising and regular stretching can help the elderly gain muscle strength and improve cardiovascular circulation. It helps control blood sugar levels and reduces the scope of diabetes. Daily physical activity with Yoga’s mind-body therapy can reduce the risk of other chronic health conditions and age-related issues like:

  • Colon Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Muscle Loss
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hypertension or High blood pressure
  • Stress and anxiety

Better sleep:

Sleep paralysis or insomnia impacts an elderly’s overall health condition during aging. Simple breathing exercises and relaxing techniques result in improved sleep habits and prevent depression and anxiety. Along with physiotherapy and yoga for senior citizens, an important aspect is a proper diet.

Mental health benefits:

Physical activity in daily life can influence the mental health of the elderly—often experiencing a roller-coaster of emotions, feelings of anxiety, and pain. This is due to improved blood flow to the brain, resulting in fewer stress symptoms and more psychological well-being.

Positive Outlook and improved quality of life:

The longer individuals maintain a physically active lifestyle, the more they feel inspired and self-independent. Maintaining independence is key to a seniors’ quality of life, dignity, and happiness. In addition to symptom relief, physical activities and yoga for senior citizens can enhance self-confidence and improve their quality of life.

Elderly man exercising

Best Types of Yoga for Senior Citizens:

Basic Yoga Positions for Beginners and Resources

Different types of Yoga involve different positions that sharpen the mind and improve cognitive function. These are some basic positions of yoga for elderly to help them get ready:

  • Hatha:

    A basic slow-paced series of sitting and standing postures for beginners. It’s about stretching and breathing techniques.
  • Mountain Pose:

    Also known as Tadasana, it is a simple standing pose with the feet together and the body tall and firm, standing vertically upright. It helps improve posture.
  • Tree Pose:

    Vrikshasana or Tree pose involves placing one leg into the other while your hands are in a prayer position. It helps improve balance, concentration, and abdominal strength.
  • Restorative Yoga:

    A meditative form of yoga designed to cultivate relaxation and calmness, thereby preventing stress and anxiety.
  • Chair Yoga:

    The best form of yoga for old people. Can be practiced by sitting on a chair or using it as a support. An ideal exercise for those suffering from chronic pain conditions—arthritis osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis.

A couple of worthwhile books, videos and smartphone apps are available online can be helpful yoga guides for seniors:

  • Relax into Yoga for Seniors
  • Yoga for Seniors: Twenty Video Lessons
  • Pocket Yoga App

Every elderly has unique aging patterns. Before starting any exercise or Yoga regimen, seek expert advice to determine which options are appropriate for your loved one’s health and activity level. 

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  1. Is yoga good for over 60?

    Yes. It can be the key to aging well with its emotional and physical benefits, besides combating chronic diseases.
  2. What is gentle yoga for seniors?

    Hatha yoga and Restorative yoga which involves breathing techniques and postural balance are considered gentle yoga for senior citizens.
  3. Is yoga good 70 year old?

    Yoga can be practiced by everyone, including older adults. It helps improve quality of life and wellness.
  4. Should seniors do yoga every day?

    Yoga’s mind-body therapy can energize the body and psyche to stay healthy. Incorporating it into a daily routine can benefit the elderly in multiple ways.
  5. Is chair yoga good for seniors?

    Chair yoga helps improve mobility and benefits the active elderly and those coping with chronic pain conditions.