Exercise is vital to keep your body in an optimal condition at every age, but even more so if you are a senior citizen. As people grow old, they believe that their ability to move is declining and so they should not workout – but that’s a misconception. One never gets “too old” to exercise!

Lack of movement can adversely impact a senior person’s body by increasing the risk of falls, weight gain, and muscle loss. This blog is the perfect starting point for starting and maintaining an active lifestyle for seniors.

Check With Your Doctor

Before beginning to exercise, you must have a conversation with your doctor about the kind of exercise that will be safe for you. Physicians can advise seniors on what movements they should avoid and what activities are likely to make them feel stronger and healthier.

It’s essential to stay closely tuned in to your body during the exercise routines and be aware of any discomfort. Listen to your body and if you’re experiencing pain with certain specific movements, stop right away. It’s good to keep a log and record your activity levels. The NIA (national institute on aging) had made an activity log that you can print for it.

Choose Your Activities Smartly

It’s hard for seniors to commit to a routine that they don’t enjoy. When making a workout plan, it’s vital to choose enjoyable or at least tolerable movements. Seniors must choose movements that build feelings of wellness, strength, and capability.

For some people, exercising, in general, is boring. Such people can try to incorporate entertainment in their workouts by listening to music or a podcast. They can also watch TV at home or talk to a friend while exercising.

Plan Well-Rounded Exercise Routines

National Institute of Aging (NIA) suggests 4 types of exercises that seniors must engage in – endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility.

Endurance workouts consist of aerobic activities. According to the UK National Health Service, seniors must consider running, hiking, jogging, swimming as outdoor activities and at home aerobic workouts for indoor movement.

Tai chi and yoga are perfect for enhancing and maintaining balance. NIA suggests some balance exercises that seniors can do at home.

Strength training includes using resistance bands and free weights or bodyweight. The CDC suggests that women shouldn’t lift more than 2 lbs and men 3 lbs if they’re beginning to start working out or have limited experience. Seniors can try performing overhead presses, bicep curls, toe stands, and squats.

. It’s extremely important for seniors to include a warmup and cool down both before and after the workout when working out. According to the Cleveland Clinic, arm and leg swings, brisk walking, and trunk rotations are perfect for a warmup, while stretching movements are best for cooling down.

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