Self-esteem is defined as one’s evaluation of oneself. It is determined by two main factors: self-worth and competence. Self-worth refers to how valuable a person feels, and competence refers to his or her own belief in their capabilities.

A person with high self-esteem has a positive evaluation of themself and confidence in their abilities. On the other hand, someone with low self-esteem is overwhelmed with self-doubt and feelings of incompetence that may cause them to withdraw from social situations.

Compared to Western nations, depression is not as prominent amongst India’s urban elderly population; however, it is still a matter of significant concern.

This year, India’s elderly population will be the highest in the developing world; thanks to education and access to better health facilities, average life expectancy has increased from 45 to 65 years between 1970 and 2010. India has more elders today than it has ever had in the past.

While increase in life expectancy is a positive indication for any nation, it also means that the country needs to make adjustments for its growing elderly population. For instance, societal changes could make elders in India more prone to depression.

Societal Modernization


The modernization of Indian society has caused a shift in households and family values. Working men and women have moved out from their houses to urban areas to be closer to their jobs, leaving their parents at home. Parents who move with their children are not always able to adjust to big cities either and struggle with their new environment.

Also, as their kids grow older, aging parents lose their influence over the household, causing them to feel insignificant. Combine that with economic insecurity and loneliness, and it can easily become a breeding ground for depression.

Enforced Retirement

Perhaps nothing takes a toll on senior citizens’ mental health more than forced retirement. For most adults, their jobs give them financial security and a sense of pride. When you take that away from them, they’re no longer self-sufficient.

Senior individuals are often forced to retire because employers feel like they don’t have the energy needed to continue the job. This often creates a rift between young and old employees in the workplace.

Feeling that they are no longer valued members of society can damage their self-esteem and make elders more prone to depression and isolation.

What Can You Do To Help?

Being empathetic and taking the time to understand what your elders are going through can help you win their trust.

Elderly people are more likely to open up to you when they believe you love and respect them and have their best interests in mind. If your aging parents are struggling with self-esteem and self-worth and are not feeling good about themselves, help them by getting them to see a counsellor.

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